Hal Beresford

Energizing workplaces in technology and marketing and dedicated to delighting customers, creating inclusive cultures, and delivering high quality results ethically

Welcome to halberesford.com.

It is more important than ever to create inclusive workplaces, delight customers, and deliver high quality results ethically. Those values drive all my blog posts, from risk management to effective meetings to corporate strategy. I hope you will find my blog posts useful and inspiring in your life and career.

Professionally, I am a technologist and marketer with skills in executive advising, project management, and creative analysis. I belong to the full-time MBA Class of 2021 at Indiana University - Kelley School of Business majoring in Marketing (STEM), and in summer 2020 I was thrilled to serve as a program management intern at PayPal.

In the past, I have worked at Booz Allen Hamilton, Duke University Health System, and Best Buy. I have also earned my MPP degree from Duke University, BA in mathematics from Carleton College, and PMP project management certification. For more information about me, please see below.

Welcome again, and if you would like to get in touch please reach me on LinkedIn or find me on Twitter @halberesford.




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