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For technology, consumer products, and retail-oriented companies, I am an MBA marketer who can help you better understand your customer and deliver the coordination, product, and brand equity they deserve.

Last summer, I interned at PayPal:

As a marketer, analyst, and manager, I bring customer focus, a diverse perspective, and team energy. I can fit into the team and think clearly but also bring market awareness, humor, and team building because of my 10 years of experience in data analytics and superforecasting.

If you are looking for a long-term fit and motivated contributor for your team, please reach me on LinkedIn.

Hal Beresford
STEM MBA Graduate β€˜21, Indiana University-Kelley School of Business


  • Launched 10 new products and services including web applications, corporate education courses, and data visualizations
  • Produced 4 research insights for a marketing launch to help meet business goals and serve key consumers
  • Developed a software feature roadmap dashboard enhancing product planning and customer impact for 300 staff
  • Updated an 18-team engineering process increasing engineer customer experience by 75%
  • Served customers including consumers, individual contributors, managers, and executives




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