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I bring business fundamentals in marketing, finance, operations, and product management because of my Kelley School of Business MBA education but also a specialist's skill in execution because of my 10 years of experience in data analytics (including coding), consulting, and retail.

Last summer, I interned at PayPal:

Ultimately, I help technology, consumer, and retail companies understand and satisfy customer needs. If you are looking for a long-term fit and motivated contributor for your team, please reach me on LinkedIn.

Hal Beresford
MBA β€˜21, Indiana University-Kelley School of Business


  • Launched 10 new products and services including web applications, corporate education courses, and data visualizations
  • Produced 4 research insights for a marketing launch to help meet business goals and serve key consumers
  • Developed a software feature roadmap dashboard enhancing product planning and customer impact for 300 staff
  • Updated an 18-team engineering process increasing engineer customer experience by 75%
  • Served customers including consumers, individual contributors, managers, and executives




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