The race

The race

Yesterday (8/18/18), the people of Gueoul held a 3k race with related events. We contributed, too, and overall 20 or more people contributed in important ways.

About 300 people turned out for the event, with one green-topped tent lining each side of Gueoul's main street just outside the Foyer des Jeunes (youth center). The event was successful enough that it might end up being the first annual, inshallah, as one here might say.

The town's more prominent citizens sat in folding chairs under the tent further to the east, watching all the runners and people milling about before, during, and after the races.

A series of races were held so that a range of people could participate. First, kids walked the 3k course, with safety personnel at the front and the back in case there was a health issue. After that the adults ran a 3k and a 100m sprint, before kids finished out the event with a series of smaller races, such as a potato sack race.

Here is an event photo. Notice the official race t-shirts in yellow. They were printed in Dakar especially for the event:

Race day photo

The words on the back of the t-shirt are, which is the student newspaper, and, which helped support the event. The logo on the front belongs to Friends of Gueoul.

Promoting the event the day before was almost as fun as the event itself. Gueoul's most noted commentator and announcer made the announcement through loudspeakers from a donkey cart, as we rode together through town.

Announcing the race from a donkey-pulled cart