Unofficial FSOT Percentile Score Calculator

How do you find your Foreign Service Officer Test (FSOT) percentile score?

Unofficial sources like this one on Reddit suggest that the FSOT's multiple choice job knowledge, situational judgment, and English expression scores are normally distributed around 50 with a standard deviation of 10. Because they cover different skills, we can speculate that the scores are independent (i.e. uncorrelated) from one another. Assuming all of the above, we can calculate percentiles.

In the boxes below, enter your job knowledge, situational judgment, and English expression scores. The third column will display your percentile scores based on the assumptions:

Your FSOT Score Assumed Percentile Score*
Job Knowledge 50.0
Situational Judgment 50.0
English Expression 50.0
Multiple Choice Total 150 50.0

*This calculator and its percentile scores are unofficial and make no claim to accuracy. They are based on assumptions about test means, standard deviations, distributions, and correlations that may be incorrect and are in no way associated with the official testing organization or process.